Amiga Systems Repairs

Amiga computers revolutionised the computer industry in 1985 and, whilst Commodore has followed the dodo into extinction, there is still a very active scene of Amiga enthusiasts and third party devices available. As is to be expected with older hardware, problems can arise through issues such as leaking batteries and capacitors. Data backup is also another issue; with floppy disks and hard drives having a finite life span. Not only does Amisynth offer services for data backup, but we also offer repairs and advice on upgrade paths.

Currently we are unable to backup protected Amiga disks but all types of non copy protected disks can be recovered, along with all types of SCSI and IDE hard drives from any model of Amiga. Data can then be stored on either CD or DVD media and verified back to the original data source, so that you know you’ve got a genuine one to one backup.

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