Current Computers Data Backup

Safety doesn’t just come from keeping viruses out of your systems; many additional factors need to be considered. These can include natural disasters, malicious tampering and accidents. If you’ve been keeping backups of all your important data then the chances are that everything could be restored, but what if the backups are stored onsite and a gas pipeline fire has occurred, not only destroying all your computer systems but all your backups as well? Or your backups have been stored offsite, you’ve had a break in and everything’s been stolen?

Amisynth can provide complete peace of mind with 24 X 7 secure vault storage, conveniently located in Melbourne. Data is retained on hard drive and checked against errors at the time of writing to ensure that an exact, error free, one to one copy is made. In the event of a catastrophic failure, your drives can be quickly replaced and your data restored thereby minimising your downtime.

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